What is VESI?

Virtual Environment for Support and Integration (VESI) is a platform for communication of TESI users. It is created within the framework of the project “TESI – Adaptive Personalized System for Creating Expression Tools in Social Inclusion of Learners with Verbal Communication Disabilities”. The project focuses on social integration of children with verbal communication disorder (children with Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, speech and language impairment, autism). The main goal of the project is creation of adaptive, affordable and easy-to-use software application, called TESI Tool (to download the application use the links below). The software uses expressive objects that help these children to express themselves, support their interaction with parents and teachers.

VESI provides an opportunity for expressive objects renewal, feedback on TESI Tool functionality and upgrade, and the use of previous good practices in mobile devices, QRC technology, and developed software solutions for working with Autistic children. VESI enables TESI users to communicate, share their social inclusion issues, support and be supported, and receive information. Finally, what is even more important is that VESI allows us to upscale the use of TESI towards other target groups of users falling into different age category, social profile, and field of application: training for non-language learners (migrants, minorities), literacy programs, etc.

Good Practices

  • JKU
    19 students (future teachers) from Jan Kochanowski university in Kielce worked using the TESI tool with 19 preschool and early school children, which corresponds to the specialization of students (future teachers). As part of their practice, other activities related to the field of study and institutions with which cooperation was initiated, students were required to …
  • Our experience in using TESI tool in communication with children with autism – Scoala Gimnaziala Speciala Sf. Mina Craiova (MINA), Romania
    S-MINA 13 Marius is a 5 years old kindergarten boy, with atypical autism. At the time of integration into the classroom, the child had difficulties in verbal communication. The child does not establish relationships with colleagues, is disturbed by loud noises. He presents difficulties in communication and fails to interact with the others, being hard …
  • Using TESI Tool in refugee camps- ASEDDEDIPE, Greece
    On April 23, we visited the camp in the city of Kavala that hosts refugees from Syria and other countries. We  presented  to  the  educational  manager  our  program  and  showed  the application  on  the  tablet  and  mobile  phone.  The  officer  was  really  excited  because  one  of  the biggest  problems  faced  in  this  particular  case  is …

What is TESI Tool?

TESI  Tool  consists of two  end-user applications:

· A mobile  application  for  users  with   communication difficulties (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.tesi.tool&hl=bg)

· A   web-based  application for   carers – parents and professionals (https://tesitool.azurewebsites.net)

How to use TESI Tool?

The document below gives you a detailed user-guide how to use TESI Software and some recommendations for practice.