Using TESI Tool in refugee camps- ASEDDEDIPE, Greece

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Using TESI Tool in refugee camps- ASEDDEDIPE, Greece

On April 23, we visited the camp in the city of Kavala that hosts refugees from Syria and other countries. We  presented  to  the  educational  manager  our  program  and  showed  the application  on  the  tablet  and  mobile  phone.  The  officer  was  really  excited  because  one  of  the biggest  problems  faced  in  this  particular  case  is the  difficulty  of  communicating  with  refugees due to lack of knowledge of Greek or other languages (eg English). The problem is more intense in the camps that are outside of major cities because there are no supporting structures in small cities in order to help the operation of the camp. In order to immediately test the implementation and its results, training was provided for its use by the staff of the camp. This training took place on 24/4 and was attended by staff members such as a psychologist, a social worker, an animator etc.

“Everything here is different from my home country.  It is difficult to communicate to find an address, a hospital, the camp” a refugee with the help of a translator has told us. “This is an innovative application that  we  believe  can  help  refugees  to  communicate  in  a sustainable  and  effective  way  to  important information they need” explained  the  local  project coordinator   of   the   Association   of   Education   and   Development of   Disabled   People,   Mr. Konsoulas  Georgios.  The  educational  manager  added  that “mobile  phone  is  one  of  the  most valuable  items  that  refugees  have  in  their  possession,  so  we  believe  that  a  simple in  use application will help them too much”.

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