High degree of user satisfaction with TESI System

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    According to the analysed data from all the questionnaires completed by users, it can be stated that the TESI Project was successful, from its planning, development and its results. Data show that TESI had a very positive impact on the school and family systems in which it was implemented.
    The results show that students, teachers and parents confirmed the positive potential of TESI to improve various elements that favour the social inclusion of learners with different types of language and communication needs.
    TESI is essential to improve learning processes by generating suitable learning environments capable of meeting the specific needs of its users thanks to its Adaptability. It is a useful, efficient and usable tool adapted to the specific disorders of each learner and it provides with an easy, simple, assistive software solution.
    Due to the project benefits, it is important to highlight that the upscaling of TESI was suggested by students, parents and teachers, to transfer it to other environments and expand its application to other users.


    The students from the University of Craiova were fully satisfied about TESI application. 12 of them had the opportunity to practice on it last semester. Now, they train the others in using TESI. It’s almost a competition 🙂 Thanks TESI!


    TESI project as well as the TesiTool application were well accepted not only by the teachers, students and parents in BELINOV school, but also by various organizations and stakeholders nationwide. Thanks to TesiTool our students became more confident in their everyday communication; by the help of the pictures they learned many new concepts and very soon their pronunciation improved. Some of them even improved their language skills, especially in terms of communication and orientation in less or more familiar environment.
    In our opinion, the project gives a lot of opportunities for further development in the area of work with persons with special educational needs.


    Our experience in TESI project was very large. We had an important role in the application usage and customized results. Through the use of the application it was aimed that the students and the young people with verbal deficiencies could communicate, fulfill certain tasks and independently lead their social life. That goals were achieved within our target group. With the help of TESI system we improved the social inclusion of the beneficiaries and increased their self-esteem. As a result, Mina School published a book ”TESI – in our vision” with ISBN 978-973-0-30993-5 that we consider to be a real help to those who wish to use TESI in their daily lives.


    The students (future teachers) from the Jan Kochanowski Uniwversity in Kielce were fully satisfied about TESI application. 19 of them had the opportunity to practice on in the last few month with chlidren with disabilities. The results of work with TESI show that students (future teachers) confirmed the huge and positive potential of TESI to improve various elements that favour the social inclusion of children with special needs.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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