Memorandum of understanding between
University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski”, Bulgaria

1. Purpose
With the object of promoting their co-operation in the field of computer-based education and training of disadvantaged groups, University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski” and xxx, individually also “Party” and collectively the “Parties”, enter into the following Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”).

2. Forms of Co-operation
Within such fields as are mutually acceptable for the Parties, the following forms of co-operation, amongst others, may be pursued hereunder

  • Establishment of an EU level alliance in the field of computer-based education and training of disadvantaged groups;
  • Joint teaching activities;
  • Joint research activities;
  • Visits by, and exchange of, experts, teachers and other staff.

3. Specific Co-operation Projects
Specific co-operation projects, for instance within such fields as described in section 2 above, must be negotiated separately between the Parties and are in each specific case to be established in separate written agreements, stating the respective rights and obligations of the Parties. In case of any ambiguity or conflict of terms between the terms and conditions of this MoU and those of a separate agreement as mentioned above, the terms and conditions of such separate agreement shall prevail.

4. Financial Arrangements

Both Parties understand that all financial arrangements between the Parties have to be further negotiated and mutually agreed, and will depend on the availability of funds. Both parties may seek financing of joint activities from internal and external sources available to them.

5. Commencement, Renewal, TerminationThis MoU will be effective from the date of the last signature hereto and will remain in force for a time period of five (5) years, with a possibility for renewal at the end of the five-year-period, subject to the Parties’ written agreement. Either Party may terminate this MoU by giving six (6) months’ notice in writing to the other Party.